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On staff development: policy and outcome.

Vocational training, retraining and advanced training of workers on the Southern Railway are carried out through course or individual training.

The organization of the production and training process is realized in accordance with the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine as well as educational and methodological documents on in-plant technical and vocational training.

Форма організації, засоби і методи професійно-технічного навчання обираються підрозділами залізниці у межах, визначених чинним законодавством, з урахуванням особливостей професії, характеру виробництва, його структури, системи організації праці. The form of organization, means and methods of vocational training are selected by the railway departments within the limits set by current legislation, taking into account the peculiarities of the profession, production type, its structure, system of labour organization.

The Southern Railway incorporates as separate subdivisions Kharkiv and Lubny centers of vocational education, which on the basis of the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine carry out activities to provide educational services related to vocational education at the level of qualification requirements for vocational technical and advanced training.

It is possible to get acquainted with the list of professions for which educational services are provided by e-mail: Kharkiv Center for Vocational Education -, Lubny Center for Vocational Education -

Advanced training of managers, professionals and specialists at the Southern Railway is carried out in order to perfect knowledge, skills and abilities within the specialty, to acquire new functional responsibilities and working skills in the development of science and technology, to master the basics of management and marketing, to improve rational skills and effective work organization, etc.

Advanced training of managers, professionals and specialists is provided on long-term courses at higher educational institutions of railway engineering. Besides, the railway conducts internships for this category of employees, which provides for the acquisition of practical skills and abilities to perform duties in a current or senior position as well as mastering the best professional experience.