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Social responsibility
Labor protection

Politics of railway in the field of labour protection is related to the creation of the proper, safe and healthy terms of labour, prevention of accidents and professional diseases on the railways.

Politics of railways in the field of labour protection is based on principles:

  • the priority of workers’ life and health, creation of the proper, safe and healthy terms of labour;
  • an increase of industrial strength security by providing of continuous technical control after the state of productions, technologies, and also assistance to subdivisions in creation of safe and harmless terms of labour;
  • social defence of workers that suffered from industrial accidents and professional diseases;
  • establishment of uniform requirements for a labour protection for all subdivisions of railway;
  • informing of population, realization of studies, professional preparation and advanced training of workers on a labour protection issues;
  • adaptations of labour processes to possibilities of workers taking into account their health and psychological state;
  • the use of world experience of work organization about the improvement of terms and increase of labour safety.

On the railways the Mamagement system of labour protection worked out and operates effectively using the complex of facilities and events on the decision of all issues in the field of labour protection .