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Social responsibility
Gender equality

The railway policy on gender equality and the results of its implementation.

Equal participation of women and men in all spheres of society and the state is an important condition for democracy in Ukraine.

The Southern Railway is constantly working to ensure equal rights and opportunities for women and men under the State Program for Gender Equality in Ukrainian Society.

Railway personnel policy is based on the gender component and gender equality in addressing personnel issues.

The departmental legal framework meets the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Ensuring Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men". 16,258 women work at the Southern Railway.

5,029 women work as managers, professionals and specialists. 4 women hold the positions of the high-ranking officials appointed by the General Director of Ukrzaliznytsia. 178 women hold the positions of the high-ranking officials appointed by the heads of the railways, 181 women hold the positions of high-ranking officials appointed by the heads of the railway directorates. There are 459 women among the middle-ranking managers, including:

  • - 209 station duty officers (off-class, I-II class);
  • - 101 station masters (IV-V class);
  • - 29 passenger train masters;
  • - 42 train dispatchers;
  • - 27 shunting dispatchers;
  • - 16 station building masters (II-III class);

91 women work as supervisors, including:

  • - 34 in passenger facilities;
  • - 16 in building-installation works and civil construction facilities;
  • - 14 in locomotive facilities;
  • - 12 in track facilities;
  • - 9 in railway car facilities;
  • - 1 in suburban passenger traffic facilities;
  • - 1 in commercial work and marketing facilities;

In terms of percentage, most women managers work in railway directorates - 30% of the total number of women workers. The least - in the paramilitary security forces (1%).

The promotion of equal opportunities and the rights of railway women is taking place in the railway transport on a larger scale than anywhere else. In addition, for creating an appropriate infrastructure for women, special facilities are introduced to meet the physiological needs and requirements of women at work, preventing discomfort.

Working women on the railway are provided with jobs, the environment factors and production processes of which comply with the acceptable working conditions and established hygienic standards. Women enjoy all the rights and benefits provided by current legislation.

Efforts are constantly underway to improve the working conditions for women. The labor protection services, personnel departments and trade unions of structural units have established constant control over compliance with the requirements of the Labor Code of Ukraine regarding women's work, prevention of injuries and occupational diseases. The senior management of the Southern Railway pays due attention to the issue of rehabilitation and organization of women's recreation, namely the provision of subsidized vouchers to the medical and health institution of the railway (the Gogol Sanatorium in Myrhorod). Throughout the year, women are rewarded with awards from the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Ukrzaliznytsia and the Southern Railway for their significant contribution to the development of the Southern Railway and conscientious work on the railway transport.